Thursday, September 11, 2008

Man eats 23,000 Big Macs in 36 years

pelik sungguh la ngn mamat ni..seb baik BMI die cantik.

FOND DU LAC, Wisconsin (AP) -- Talk about a Big Mac attack! Don Gorske says he has eaten 23,000 of the burgers in 36 years.

Don Gorske says he's skipped eating Big Macs only eight days in 36 years.

Don Gorske says he's skipped eating Big Macs only eight days in 36 years.

The Fond du Lac man said he hit the 23,000 milestone last month, continuing a culinary obsession that began May 17, 1972, and is fed by his obsessive-compulsive disorder.

"I enjoy them every day," said Gorske, 54. "I need two to fill me up."

Gorske has kept every burger receipt in a box. He says he was always fascinated with numbers, and watching McDonald's track its number of customers motivated him to track his own consumption.

Despite a diet some would call unhealthy, Gorske says he keeps himself in good shape. He says he's 6-foot-2 (184cm) and weighs 185 pounds (83kg), and walks as many as 10 miles (16km) a day.

He used to order fries every day in the 1980s but began to cut back in the '90s, now eating them about once a month. He eats two Big Macs and two parfaits a day. Gorske has written a book about his experience.

"Sometimes people call me a freak but it doesn't bother me. I just say respect people as they are," he told The Associated Press. "I just want to make sure people understand I'm not going to change."

He can instantly recall the eight days in which he failed to satisfy his craving. One was in 1988, the day his mother died, to respect a request she made.

"I made a promise to her and I always keep my promises," he said. "I also promised her I wouldn't cut my hair and in 20 years I haven't."

He twice failed to attack a Big Mac because of his job. A correctional-institution employee, he said a number of work emergencies kept him on the clock past midnight so he recorded those days as missed days.

Three other times he was traveling and couldn't find a McDonald's. He also went Big Mac-less on Thanksgiving Day 2000, and during a 1982 snowstorm that prevented the local McDonald's franchise from opening.

"That's when I started a habit where I kept them in the freezer," he said. He keeps one or two burgers on hand but increases his inventory to four to five during the winter.


HaZiFah said...

wooo sdp lak aku tgk bigMac tu d'pg2 hari yg hening inih.Hahahahha dh lama x mkn bigMac :P

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~DiEyRa~ said...

makcik...sorry rrr... aku busy giller lately dgn keje baru
blog pon tak terupdate...

psl soalan ko tu...senang jer kalo nk ltk list update blog kwn2 mcm kt blog aku tu...

1. pegi Edit Layout
2. Add a template / gadget
3. tekan Blog List

kt situ lah ko buat list blog2 yg ko nk tau update

tak tau lg, ko surf jer area situ...ia salah satu widget yg terdpt dlm tu...

slmt mencuba

illa said...

mcd wat aku jadi gomuksss !!! hahaha

kasut-gombak said...

giler r.. gmbor tukang mkn tu xde ke? nk tgk besor mana..

nhanania said...

x la besar sgt, besar norman hakim kot. besar lg bdn mamat SE kt ofis kite ni. keh keh keh

PanAdoL7e said...

nak! nak! kena beli balik nih!

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