Monday, July 21, 2008

What is Sixth Sense?

  • AUTOMATE the collection of your team's development metrics without impacting your developers' work flow. No more time sheets!
  • ANALYZE your team's proficiency with detailed, customizable reports and graphs--via a rich browser interface.
  • ESTIMATE projects with confidence and precision using cumulative, objective and accurate historical data.
  • MANAGE with unprecedented visibility and the confidence you know, really know, what your project status is 24/7/365.

hahha currently in my ofis, our PCs has been installed tis software..tis software will track all activities happen in our PC. it will keep track all activity in window, internet browser (so no more blogspot in office yaa) then manager has the authority to view the report for each of him/her anak BEWARE.... hahhaha..even main game pun leh trace jugak tau..jgn main2. aku dgr adik ku yg kerja di PERNEC pun skrg ni sibuk install eLogger kt sekolah2 teknik...govt nk tgk ape cikgu2 dan budak2 sekolah teknik ni buat kt PCs yg disediakan..


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